You go out with some friends, have a few drinks and decide you are sober and not under the influence of alcohol. You then make the decision to drive home. Chances are…you are correct! The fact is that most people arrested for drunk driving are actually not impaired by alcohol.

Often, a dishonest police officer will pull over someone simply because they just came out of a bar. The dishonest cop will falsely write in his report that he or she saw the driver swerving in their lane, making unsafe lane changes or speeding.

You know you are sober and you know you have done nothing wrong. But the cop has pulled you over for no reason and has asked if you "had anything to drink". Regardless of your answer, he orders you to step out of the vehicle.

Now you know that this cop has made up his mind that you are guilty of drunk driving. He gives you a series of field sobriety tests and you pass them with flying colors. Regardless, he tells you to blow into a machine and when you ask him what the results were, he tells you to 
turn around and then places you under arrest.